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89Mirageman wrote: Would the low carb ranch dressing that I mentioned a while back set me back too much?

The best selling salad dressing in America normally contains three ingredients which make it very friendly to Candida, that’s buttermilk, sour cream, and mayonnaise, all foods that Candida can eat. If you ate this one time, and you’ve not felt any reactions to it, it shouldn’t set you back very much. It’s when you make ‘several’ of these mistakes within a few days of each other that the problems start. If the Candida are allowed to eat and multiply let’s say three times within three days, there are probably going to be consequences to pay.

White distilled vinegar is basically fermented from sugar and alcohol. I don’t need to say more as far as why vinegar bothers you, right?

You asked if you could heal while eating meat every day. There’s no research on eating meat everyday that I’ve ever come across. I thought about this for a while after I read your post, and I’m going to have to say I really don’t know. I imagine that it’s possible, but as you guessed, it would take an exceedingly longer length of time to heal because of all the alcohol; and if you also cheated on the diet, I really don’t know if you would heal would or not. In addition, it’s difficult to say how much damage may happen with the liver with all the extra toxins stemming from the alcohol gas.

To keep from losing more weight, make the bread recipe from oat bran (optional: mixed with coconut flour) and eat all of it you want. Also add avocados to your diet and even coconut if you like it.