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I would consider getting other tests. Dr. Mcoomb’s recommends some in his youtube video:

He recommends completing 2-3 tests and combine this with your health history, symptoms, including the use of antibiotics to determine whether you have candida overgrowth. You need to figure out what is in the intestinal tract as well as what is in the stool. Genova diagnostic labs has a candida immune complex test and metametrix labs has a GI stool effects test. No western doctor will say that you have it and look at you like you are crazy. A holistic doctor may determine that you have other ailments and specific organs that are damaged and can address these issues seperately.

I didn’t notice the results I was looking for until months 3-5. I noticed a big change after SF722 undecenoic acid and a better probiotic. The anti-candida diet is very healthy is similar to other anti-cancer and anti-disease diets, so if you don’t have candida, it will still be beneficial for healing the body.

The high cholesterol is concerning and this can be treated with a healthier diet and more exercise. I wouldn’t take the high cholesterol drug personally; it is cheaper to heal yourself on your own. They said I had high blood pressure at one point and wanted me to take blood pressure medication; this is now normal! They just want to make money off the drugs without treating the cause of the problem.

Dr. Mcoomb’s also has talked about the link between candida and diabetes. I recommend checking out his material if you want better information on what is going on with your body.