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Able900;32131 wrote: Coconut oil isn’t solid based when it’s kept in a warm environment. You don’t have to literally heat the oil on a stovetop, but for example, if I keep the oil closed in a pantry, it remains solid, but if I move it into my kitchen, it turns liquid after a few days or less. Tropical Traditions and “Living Foods” by Garden of Life are both good brands. Try to find a brand which stores the oil in a glass container and be sure the label reads “virgin” which is more important that organic.

You mentioned having reactions to “something” – what type of reaction are you speaking of, is it a Candida symptom or an allergic reaction?


Thanks for getting back to me yes this is the coconut oil that I have been using. To cut a long story short I had candida for the first time ten years ago I went to see a nutritionist within six months I had it under control. I have had a few flare ups. September last year it came back I was really Ill went straight back on the diet and went to see a candida expert or so called paid him lots of money and basically feel I have got know where but at the same time I HAVE LOST OVER TWO STONE! really do not want to loose anymore as I said Im on the stict diet although have now found out I shouldnt be eating butternut squash any ideas whith foods that maintain your weight protien and carbohydrates etc. …Oh and all of my reacations are to do with candida dry sore throat tounge thrush oh and sick of this diet but we havent got a choice have we..