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I don’t think I’ve had my progesterone levels tested. The focus has been mainly on the adrenals and thyroid so far. But since I haven’t responded to the treatment as expected, and my doctor has no clue as to why, I will have to keep doing my own research and then bring some of it to him. The progesterone – oesterogen balance does seem like it could be an important factor to look into.

I think you are right about the adrenal fatigue, that it’s not necessarily the adrenals themselves that are dysfunctional but that something could be throwing things off elsewhere and then they cannot work (or do not get what they need ot work). Supplementation in that sense becomes a bit of a band aid solution unless you figure out what is causing the problem. For me it was probably stress. Likewise I have my suspicion that it is not necessarily the thyroid itself that malfunctions in every case of hypothyroidism; it could be something else (i.e. lowered cellular metabolism due to insufficient nutrition for example? This then leads to down regulation of many bodily functions such as hormone production?).

I have been a bit of a weird case from the start with my TSH levels normal, my cholesterol quite normal, thyroid levels within the range, and yet I had all the clinical hypothyroid symptoms. The only things bit off that the lab results showed were deficiencies in vit D, magnesium, B vits and iron. And low DHEA. I felt better since starting my hormonal supplementation but to be honest I was in such a bad condition that it didn’t take much to “feel better”. Apparently my lab results are not what my doctor expected them to be by now. One thing was that my body temperatures hardly improved and my doctor just didn’t understand why. It is only now that I’ve read Ray Peat and started experimenting with eating more sugar that my temperatures have actually improved a little.

Javizy wrote:
It’s hard to push above 50g/day without stuffing my face. Apparently you need it for the conversion of T4 > T3 in the liver. Eggs, dairy and muscle meats are high in tryptophan, which gets converted to serotonin, which has nasty side-effects in anything above optimal amounts. Peat and others recommend gelatine (bone broths or powder) to balance out the amino acids. High levels of homocysteine and methionine are others problems with the animal proteins, as well as with muscle wasting during low-carb, low-protein diets or fasting. Apparently calcium encourages tryptophan > niacin conversion, so dairy isn’t so bad.

I started to suspect that perhaps eating too much of one type of protein was part of the problem. And now I see that eggs are high in tryptophan which then leads to increased serotonin, which I’ve read is not good. And I was really relying heavily on eating loads of eggs. That’s actually when my bloating started, but of course I also understand that it might not be just one thing that caused it. More like the very bad combination of eating loads of eggs, very low carb, low calorie as well as the stress caused by this. Now trying to eat more gelatin by making bone broths.