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s.;31120 wrote: This is a great question! I would say that different “natural” antifungals exhibit different methods of inhibiting candida. I do not think that every antifungal acts in the same manner. Some break cell walls, some stop inner mechanisms, etc. One would have to research each natural antifungal you were considering to learn its method of action – if known.

I wanted to respond so as to not leave you hanging, but I honestly don’t have the answers. I did know the information about diflucan and nystatin though. Maybe as a group – members of the forum who have studied certain antifungals can chime in on how each one works if they know.

Several of the natural antifungals do also kill bacteria – so it is good that you are researching this.

Regarding to Nystatin and Diflucan, you have one wrong and one correct. Diflucan is FUNGISTATIC at tolerable doses. All Rx antifungals are fungicidal in the lab. It depends the concentration to kill the fungus. The problem with the AZOLES (Diflucan family) is we can not tolerate the dosage to reach fungicidal effects because its toxic levels.

On the other hand, Nystatin is FUNGICIDAL and fungistatic at recommended doses against candida albicans. Oral Nystatin is a non-systemic drug meaning it doesn’t cross the gut epithelium.