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BlueSkies wrote: After what seemed like an eternity, I got a prescription for Nystatin. I’m taking 1,000,000 daily in a non-lactose formula.

Aside – the issue for those in Ontario, and maybe in Canada, is that the drug is no longer being shipped here. Pharmacists think that the drug is not going to be manufactured anymore. I got mine from an Apothecary or Compounding Pharmacologist, if you will. I was at the point where I was going to go to the US for the drugs, and called a few pharmacies. Target had it, but CVS didn’t.

Okay… my questions are…

1) what feelings, symptoms can I expect from Nystatin? I’ve been on it for a few days and I do not feel the die off that I did sometimes with the other anti-fungals. It did make me foggy at first, sort of tired, but that has passed. My symptoms are… different. I have a tingling on my scalp, but it’s a little different in feeling to when I was on the other anti-fungals.

2) should I continue to take the GSE, and my other two rotating anti-fungals while taking the Nystatin? I am still eating anti-fungals (coconut oil, red onion), but I’m unsure about maintaining the others.

Thanks for any insight.

That is a very low dose. This syndrome has been treated with dosage as high as 8 000 000 a day.
Anyway, take Oil of Oregano together with it. Stop the GSE.