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Ryan – this forum is here for folks to help each other and share their knowledge and experience with fighting candida. It is not a place to troll or be rude to one another. If you read much of the information on this forum, you’ll see that most people average anywhere from 6-18 months on a treatment plan, if not longer. You’ve spent a lifetime building up an environment that is friendly for candida to live in; you will not take down the infestation, heal your body, and correct the dysbiosis in a few weeks, or even a few months. That’s the unfortunate reality of this condition.

Also, the ability to spell every word properly or use fully proper grammar (especially on an internet forum) has little bearing on someone’s intelligence. Everyone makes typos; we are all humans. Mrs. C is a well-loved member of the community here and her experiences are just as valuable as everyone else’s, with or without an extra e in a word. There are also many members not from “America,” who use alternate spellings and many that don’t have English as their first language. They are also cherished members of the forum with valuable input.

We are all adults here; let’s behave that way.