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I’m a huge organic egg fanatic. As for how much organic versus non-organic will affect your recovery from candida, I can’t really answer that. I only know that organic eggs are one of the top organic foods Dr. Mercola recommends if you have to pick and choose what organics to buy. Meats is another. I think produce actually come last if you have to pick and choose and there’s also a list of which produce is more important to buy organic than others. For instance, produce with thick skin like bananas and avocados are “ok” to buy non-organic since you don’t eat the skin, unlike an apple or grape. (Although I’m guessing you’re not having fruit in your candida diet.) Non-organic avocados are still grown in bad soil and are not as good for you as organic, but if you have to pick and choose, those are an item you could skimp on. You should be able to find a list by doing a google search of what produce to buy organic. I’ve seen similar lists in more than one place.

As for cost of organic eggs, I live in Southern California and have found that Target and Trader Joe’s have the best price on them. A big difference compared to regular supermarkets. Target doesn’t always seem to have them in stock, so it’s iffy if they’ll have them (at least the two I shop at). If you live near a Trader Joe’s, I highly recommend you shop there. They have the lowest prices of quality food. I rarely buy food at Target, other than eggs and the only peanut butter my husband will happily eat, Laura Scudders, which they make in organic. I’d buy more if they had more organic and less processed foods.