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orka1998 wrote:

Hmmm. A little confused.

Brown organic eggs are okay or not okay? I live in Southern California too, and I been getting the brown organic eggs.

Hi Tom,

Sorry for the little side discussion here about the egg color 🙂

Brown organic eggs are OK 🙂 The key word is “organic” regardless of the color.

Just curious if anyone ever found white organic eggs???


they sell white organic eggs where I live at the local grocery store. But its only one brand and I dont think they sell well. I will buy them if they are on sale. Most folks identify organic eggs as brown and no doubt most grocery stores stock up on the brown varity for this reason. rather than take heavy losses with the white organics even though they are more than likely easier to produce.

Growing up my grandmother and friends of the family raised chickens and they were always brown eggs. That made me identify “organic” as brown but I eventually learned that breeds determine the color and what the chickens feed on really determines if they are organic. Also most comercial egg producers pump their chickens full of steroids and crap. I can never eat non organic anymore eggs or the meat. this diet has really woken me up to the crap we put in our bodies and horrors that comes with mass producing meat for our consumption.