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Hi Able,

I actually was taking molybdenum 750 mcg for five weeks, and when my hair loss started, started to lower the dose in order to see if it has got anything to do with the molybdenum, since I thought I might not have enough copper. A lack of copper results in symptoms similar to a lack of iron, and I have hair loss and do not get my menstruation anymore. I had these symptoms when I was on the high dose of molybdenum as well, and don’t think they are die-off symptoms. My die-off symptoms were always very immediate and always the same: nausea, headache, stomach ache, and back ache. I never have any of these now unless I take an overdose of antifungals. I’ll slowly increase molybdenum again as soon as I have the results from my doctor, I got tested for copper. If it is ok, I can increase molybdenum again, but I seriously don’t think that these symptoms will get better. I’ve had poor memory, brain fog and a feverish feeling since two years, it’s not like they just hit in suddenly now that I’ve lowered the molybdenum.

Do you have any other suggestions regarding my diet?