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Dear Caitie!
I am very sorry to hear about your suffering. Could you please tell me which diet you followed. Was it the one we have here in the forum or did you follow the one on the candida diet webpage. We here on the forum the one Able and raster designed dont favour a lot of protein! Protein which is broken down in the body will produce ammonium which is a toxin we dont want suffer. The body already suffers enough in the cleansing, healing and toxins the candida where throwing in to our body while living or dying. As I remember advices Able not to have more than twice a week organic chicken or fish from the food allowed list.

What we allow as a protein intake is organic eggs and kefir.

I personal didn’t have experienced any kind of unhealthy situation.

Before I came here I followed a anti candida diet which was mainly based on meet and fat. This gave me a overload of toxins resulting in a full blown out panic attack, where my body freaked out with all the toxins in my body. When I came here Able pointed me out to the fact that we dont want too much protein in our system.

here is a quote from Able:
The problem with animal protein is that it releases ammonia into your body when the natural enzymes bread it down for absorption. The ammonia poisons your liver and other organs of your body, plus it adds to a beneficial environment in which the Candida can thieve and multiply their numbers.

You could eat very young fish such as sardines or even wild salmon a few times a week, but for a month at least I would limit the amount. When I was doing the treatment, I didn’t really stop getting immediate reactions after eating until I cut the animal protein out of my diet, especially red meat and pork. This may not be everyone’s case, but what it says is that animal protein and the ammonia it releases is detrimental to the Candida treatment.

I hope you purchased organic eggs which will eliminate the antibiotics and hormones which other chickens are given and eventually end up in your body when you eat these.

Merry Christmas to you and a speed return to full health!