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Amaranth is a grain, and Candida will feed on any type of grain. By the way, that’s also why any type of rice is not beneficial to the treatment as it’s also a grain seed.

Reports written on quinoa are amazingly mixed as far as the definition or description. As near as I can establish, quinoa is a whole-wheat grain – sort of. Since it’s a questionable food, personally I would choose to avoid it. To be safe,

I would simply stick with buckwheat as a substitute for all of the ones you mentioned.

Buckwheat on the other hand is not a grain, it’s a plant source with a large variety healthful attributes, such as a good plant source of easy-to-digestive protein and has built into it all eight essential amino acids

“Wheatgrass has a high-alkalizing effect which isn’t helpful to a Candida treatment.”

What I should have typed instead of the above about wheatgrass is; Candida thrives in an alkaline environment (which wheatgrass will help to create), and a probiotic, kefir, and Greek yogurt will be working to make the intestines more acidic which is detrimental to the Candida, therefore, eating a food with a highly alkalizing effect such as wheatgrass only makes it more difficult to build an acidic environment in the intestines.