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dead_island;30032 wrote: currently I am having skin yeast infection symptoms but no visible rash. My entire groin area feels hot from time to time, itches, stings.. feels like it’s chafing when i walk. Usually this comes with little to no visible clues except a very slight reddish scrotum. About 4 months ago I had a nasty skin yeast that actually ate away the skin in small satellites that eventually grew until it was one big red extremely painful area. When I went to the doctor he said this is a nasty yeast infection, gave me diflucan and a steriod/nystatin cream. It cleared it right up but the underlying symptoms stayed, they’ve ALWAYS stayed. I have had symptoms for over a year.

So far I’ve been on Diflucan 2x (10 day, 150mg IIRC), Grispeg (14 day, 750mg per day), Lamisil oral (currently on, 30 day 250mg), some sort of nerve numbing pill, various creams (nystatin, lamisil, monistat), 2 months worth of “the candida diet” that I’m not currently on, Zyretic for a month, Allegra for a month, Valtrex for 3 months, acyclovir for 2 months (original prognosis was genital HSV-1), even tried hypoallergenic detergent.

NONE of it even helped the underlying symptoms. I hear people say the antifungals get rid of there yeast infection for a few weeks when it comes back. I just have this constant irratation with no real visable symptoms that is not effected by Rx’s. When I got the nasty rash the cream cleared it right up, but the underlying symptoms remained. I continued the cream and it didn’t clear up the underlying symptoms.

About 7 months ago I went on vacation, within about day or two the symptoms disappeared completely. I thought I had finally kicked the issue. When I returned, a few days later so did the symptoms. Mild at first, then back in full bore. So I began to think it was the old house I was living in that probably had mold in its very wet, 100 year old basement. Since i was renting, a few months later I got out and the symptoms never went away. About 2 weeks ago, I went on a shorter vactation for 4 days and I felt probably 95% better…here is the kicker, I walked at least 20 miles in these four days a feat I have never dreamed of doing in the last year, the chafing would have been unbearable. I thought it was the new medication (lamisil and nerve numbing medication) But now, back from the vacation, symptoms slowly came back and here they are again.

Coincidence, maybe. Any ideas?

You have an immune tolerance to candida. Your plan should be restoring the immune activity against candida. Without immunity, you can take a truck loaded with Fluconazole and Lamisil without solving the yeast issues.
No treatment can work without the help of the immune system.