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Hello, Summer. Your concerns are addressed below.

Quote: I should have also mentioned in my first post that this year I have been on approximately 11 courses of antibiotics (on and off and not every month) due to surgery and also a couple of UTI’s that I have had. I suppose this would be a huge factor in having Oral Thrush?

Reply: Unfortunately, several courses of antibiotics can set off any type of yeast infection, any of which can turn into a Candida infestation providing all other aspects are present.
To prevent further UTI’s from occurring; cranberry has been shown to decrease the risk of urinary tract infections by preventing Escherichia coli from binding to the walls of the cell surface. This bacteria is a common cause of urinary tract infections, and they appear to have difficulty adhering to cell membranes in the presence of cranberry. Also, cranberry makes urine more acidic, which can contribute to an antibacterial effect. However, research hasn’t proved that cranberry supplements can actually prevent UTI’s from occurring, although in theory it seems possible. The best type of cranberry to use for this is by purchasing the powder form of cranberry in a capsule from a health food or vitamin store.

Quote: As I was taking so many antibiotics for so long will it take a long time to get rid of this thrush? can Oral Thrush be quite stubborn?

Reply: As far as how long a cure will take is concerned; it really depends on how long and to what extent you’re suffering from the infestation as well as the degree of your dedication to curing it.
Oral thrush doesn’t have to be that difficult to cure. If you haven’t already read the information on treating oral thrush, I’m sure you’ll find it very helpful.

Quote: I am currently taking Daktarin Oral Gel (miconazole) & have started taking a good strong probiotic in the last 2 weeks – will these help in any way?

Reply: Antifungals can help to a degree, yes, but none of them can cure a Candida infestation completely. Antifungals simply kill off a certain number of the Candida, but you simply can’t kill off all the Candida that make up an infestation in one or two days because the Candida is constantly multiplying. This means that east time a few thousand new Candida appear, you need to add another course of antifungals to get rid of these. As you see, this can be a continuous cycle of the Candida multiplying and dying off and multiplying again.
The probiotic is actually what makes the treatment successful; the antifungals only make the symptoms easier to bear as your treat the infestation and sometimes will speed up the treatment. But the type of probiotic is as important as having one. Which brand, count, and strain are you using?

Quote: The diet on this website is extremely strict and as I travel quite abit for business it may be difficult to stick to this. Is there a less restrictive diet that you can recommend?

Reply: I don’t know if you’re speaking of the diet on the website’s official diet page or the one that the members of the forum use. The diet on the website is actually too lenient, as it allows the Candida to continue feasting on some of the foods that keep them thriving. The diet that the members go by is on the forum linked below. I’m sure you are forced to eat all most of the time on your trips; salads with boiled eggs using lemon juice as the salad dressing will be your best chance while traveling. You could also eat eggs for breakfast, but keep in mind that cereals and regular oatmeal, as well as regular yogurt will feed the infestation. If you can order non-sweetened plain Greek yogurt this is alright while you’re traveling, otherwise I would also leave it out of the diet for at least two to three weeks using it only while you’re traveling.

Quote: Can I eat low sugar fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and pineapple?

Reply: Even a tiny bit of sugar will feed the Candida extending the length of the treatment. This is why fruit is not on the foods list. To treat the infestation, you really need to avoid all foods that the Candida can eat.

By the way, Summer, welcome to the forum. Let me know if you have other questions or concerns.