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Ya, I haven’t quit smoking yet. However, I have cut back my smoking and reduced it from 8-9 per day to 5-6 a day. Yesterday was the first day I did not really crave smoking and only smoked 4 until 11pm at night which is quite good for me. I simply didn’t want any I guess. I have a feeling that I can continue to slowly reduce my intake over time and don’t want to quit too quickly. I have smoked for the last 12 years (since I was 16) so its a very ingrained habit.

I also smoke cannabis and I take a homeopathic medication that helps reduce my cravings for cannabis. This somehow is lowering my cravings for tobacco also, I think these two addictions are intertwined.

Tobbacco contains sugars and if you have candida, you will crave sugar for the first few weeks on the diet. Eventually this craving will go away and completely dissappear as you get better.

Acupuncture has shown to be very effective for treating folks who want to quit smoking; I highly recommend trying this to treat/assist digestion, sugar cravings, smoking, and general detoxing. Additionally, there are various alternative homeopathic and chinese remedies/herbs that are effective in reducing tobacco cravings and will take these when I want to quit.