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Wow, that is horrible and I’m sorry you had to go through that, but glad to know you are making strides towards recovery. I was thankfully only exposed to “black” mold, not TOXIC black mold, and thankfully there is a huge difference. We found mushrooms growing from out of the top of the window frame and immediately started on the landlord to deal with it, a specialist came in and did an air sample and after those results we decided to move out, knowing the landlord wouldn’t properly renovate the apartment. Once we figured it was mold, we pulled our bed out of the bedroom and avoid entering the room as much as possible, so I hope that my exposure over those four months has at least left me in a decent position to fight this off. As of now my only real symptom is the constant headache, ringing in the ears, overall pressure in the head, and back of my tounge is white.