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Hello Cally,

I wouldn’t be too concerned about all of these food lists, the only one I would be concerned about is the forum food list that most of the forum members use. It contains foods that will feed candida less than other foods and bring a general benefit to your overall health.

Oats are midly inflammatory:

Rice is moderately inflammatory:

Ghee is OK.

Xylitol we don’t recommend; we suggest stevia as an alternative if you can obtain it.

6) We follow different stages on the forum.
Stage 0: cleanse
Stage 1: Long term candida diet
Stage 2: for when you get better and can tolerate more foods
stage 3: basically a non-candida healthy diet.

Plan on a 6-18 month recovery time, you should start to eat stage 2 foods when you’ve controlled the inflammation and largely destroyed most of the candida.

7) The cleanse is completely optional and doesn’t cure anything.

8) Tomatoes are not on our food list but you can eat them a little more often stage 2/3. If you eat a small amount on each salad per day it shouldn’t be much of a problem.