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Hi Able,

Thanks again for all of the information. I do want to stay on the diet, it’s just really hard. The sugar cravings have been getting worse.

I got the Bragg’s, cut out the Greek yogurt for now, got some Himalayan sea salt.

Decided to not take the Allegra, but my allergies have been out of control and I definitely have been suffering. Vitamin C really has not been helping unfortunately. I am also having a problem finding a multivitamin that doesn’t include soy, or sugary fruits and veggies. Any ideas?

I tried using coconut oil for the first time last night when cooking dinner and I was doubled over with stomach pain. Is this normal when introducing it into the body initially?

I have been continuing with fresh garlic because I normally eat a lot of it anyway.

A couple of questions of things I want to clarify…
Are tomatoes ok (kind of late to ask considering I have been eating them in my salads every day)?
Is almond butter ok?
Brazil nuts?