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Hi Able,

Thank you for answering all of my questions!
I have been on the diet for two days now and I feel CRAZY. I want to fall off of it any chance I get. All I can think about is pizza, bread, chocolate, and soy sauce. Weird right? True signs of a sugar addict?

I have been following what you said above, but have a couple more questions…I decided to skip the cleanse, and have jumped right into stage 1 of the diet. I had a greek yogurt (organic) for breakfast today and noticed it has 6 grams of sugar. Is that ok or do I need to cut it out?

Also, I had a broiled fish this evening, just salted, but is sushi ok?
Does anyone have a good alternative to soy sauce?

Is sesame oil ok? There was a bit on my seaweed salad.

I know stage 1 is the hardest, but I am REALLY struggling here.

I had a crazy allergic breakout on my face today….mild hives and insanely itchy eyes. Is it normal for this to happen so quickly? Can I take an Allegra for it?

Additionally, I know you mentioned that I should wait a couple of weeks until I introduce the supplements or probiotic. I have already started with garlic. I also read in an earlier post about how the “die off” stage is much more difficult on the body and harsh if everything is introduced at once (antifungals). Advice?

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier that I am on the birth control pill. I am aware that every brand of bc pill has an antibiotic in it. I need to be on it and take it every day….will I still be able to clear my body of this yeast infection?

Thank you once again,