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Hello, Taurus.

Technically there is no fruit by the name of ‘goji berry” as this is purely a commercial name given to the wolfberry. Wolfberries are a unique fruit, so unique that in 2006 some research was released which brought to light the fact that wolfberries contain certain bioactive components which are capable of actually reducing the sugar content normally found in the bloodstream of humans. Considering this information, I don’t see how eating them occasionally, perhaps twice a week, would hurt. However, since you’ve only been on the diet for a week, I would wait at least two more weeks, see how you are at that time, and consider starting the goji berries at that time, but as with all ‘doubtful’ food items, I suggest that you treat them as a test food in the beginning.

The woozy feeling and nausea are die-off symptoms; the Candidate should help with that considerably. Starving but having no appetite can be either die-off or the Candida itself, or both. Candidate may be able to help with that a bit as well. Remember that Candidate is one of the few supplements that can work almost immediately after taking it.

If you’re going to take the Weil’s multi-vitamin, I wish you would consider purchasing a bottle of Biotin because otherwise you’ll be taking a chance on creating a deficiency of this B vitamin – which is especially needed for Candida treatment.

Quote: “Does this version of the diet just take longer to clear the system out?”
My question is, which version?
I’ve never done in-depth research on any particular Candida diet, as there are too many variances and opinions, plus every Candida sufferer is different from the other and will react differently to different foods.

I suggest that, depending on the severity of the infestation, for at least two to four weeks everyone with fugal Candida should avoid all questionable foods. That means that if a food shows up on even one ‘avoid’ list, then it should not be eaten because that means that someone has found something questionable about the food. You’re right if you’re thinking that all that’s left are green vegetables, avocados, coconut bread and a limited number of organic eggs for protein, plus water or homemade lemonade to drink. Pitiful, I know, but I’m convinced that it’s the best way to start the treatment.

See if you can send me a copy of the diet in a personal message on the forum, if you can’t, send a message saying so and I’ll reply with an email address.