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Hello, Taurus.

I’m not saying that your problem is a new allergy; I’m only saying that there are many possibilities that can cause the itchiness, one of which is new allergies. The fact that new allergies often appear during a Candida infestation is due to the “Leaky Gut Syndrome” which many Candida sufferers contract along with the infestation.

To explain the Leaky Gut Syndrome; during a Candida infestation the adrenals can become weakened. When this happens, allergies often develop. So in effect, the allergies stem from poorly functioning adrenals. Not everyone with Candida has poorly functioning adrenals, so this is the reason that not everyone with Candida has the same allergies. Once Candida reaches a fungal form and becomes an infestation it can lead to leaky gut syndrome. At that point, partially dissolved proteins are allowed to enter the bloodstream via the intestinal walls. Once they’re in the bloodstream they can trigger allergic reactions from the foods that are eaten. Unfortunately, this can lead to a further weakening the adrenals unless treated successfully.

As far as building the adrenals are concerned, I plan to write a post concerning that tomorrow morning. But to start, you can purchase a product by the name of Digestive Grape Bitters. These come in liquid form and should be dropped onto the tongue 1/2 of a dropper full at a time after meals. You do not have to take the recommended dosage on the label if it’s over ½ of a dropper.
The Grape Bitters can help in many different ways, for one, fermentation of food in the intestines is reduced and therefore various allergy causing proteins are reduced. The bitters will also improve the environment of the gut from the stomach into the large intestine. The bile flow is also increased which in turn will reduce the incidence of gallbladder disease and improve the liver’s ability to self-cleanse. In addition, they also have the ability of stimulating a “repair action” of the intestinal wall lining, which is where the leaky gut syndrome takes place.

Concerning your dose of Molybdenum; many people take as much as 250 mcg three times a day to prevent die-off symptoms. If you want to raise your amounts, I see no reason not to do so.

You can raise your flora slower than you would with a probiotic by using pure organic oat bran and/or (brown) rice bran flour, both by Bob’s Red Mill.