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Hi Able,

Was just wondering what your take on the goji berry was in general. I’m not a daily goji person by any means.

UPS has not delivered my Candidate yet and I have been really struggling. I got additional Molybdenum, and it’s 150 mcg tablets (200% daily). I started taking it today and am feeling the swelling and itching go down.

I hit a huge wall last night with the diet. I could not walk up the stairs to my apartment without being completely winded, dizzy and faint. Afterward, my entire face and scalp started itching, with my eyes swelling shut and hives all over my face. An hour later my entire body was itching intensely. I know we talked about this being die off and/or the candida itself, but it’s just too much for me to handle. Plus I have no energy from lack of carbs.

So, I know you will be disappointed, but after 8 days of the strict diet in stage 1, I have decided to introduce brown rice and gluten free oats into my diet. I hope it doesn’t hinder my cleanse too much. I just can’t get anything done with no energy….

Just adding whole grains is a huge improvement from my normal diet, which consists of white flour, fried foods etc, in addition to healthy fruits and veggies, so I am way better off now than I was a couple of weeks ago.

I got some additional Biotin and have added that to the multivitamin I am taking daily. It is 5 mg (5000mcg). Is that an ok dose?

Trying to send you the version of my friend’s diet I told you about, but I can’t in a personal message on the forum. Would you mind sending me your email address? Thanks!