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soldia4 wrote: Hey guys i had my first appointment with a homeopath and she referred this cleanse to me. It’s essentially suggesting a short regimen of baking soda and maple syrup (heated and mixed together).

I’m not really surprised at the homeopath doc’s suggestions, even though …
plenty of ER doctors and nurses can tell you stories about the patients brought to the ER for a condition known as high alkalosis (over-alkalizing the body). This is more times than not brought on by a daily ingestion of baking soda. The patients brought in for this reason generally require a breathing tube and mechanical breathing support.

The normal pH of the blood is quite narrow at a range of only 7.35 to 7.45, and this balance is necessary for proper functioning of all organs. Then there’s managing the narrow window of balance, meaning it’s very delicately managed by the lungs and kidneys, and it takes the body far longer to respond to and correct high alkaline readings [alkaline = baking soda] than it does high acidic readings [acidic = beneficial bacteria].

Attempting to self correct the pH balance by ingesting baking soda in water (let’s not even think about maple syrup) does not make the dullest knife in the drawer sharper.