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You are expressing some really good points. I have never been a regular person – years of constipation (or moreso having BM’s every few days or longer/shorter). I do not remember having daily BM’s until recent weeks (hoping that is a good sign). I have always felt an empty burning sensation – just chalked it up to running on empty due to my previously intense workout regimens (weight trained and/or ran 5 miles on many days). Lots of steady state cardio that made me feel empty. Never thought it could be lack of stomach acid. A year or so prior I noticed more mucous in my throat when getting ready in the AM. Always an egg-like substance/amount that I would have to spit out. Watery eyes,sensitivity to smells as long as I can remember, allergy to our cat, but just when I touch him. We still have the two cats and one dog – the one that still itches himself. I actually give him olive oil and garlic in his dog food. I did have pinworms as a young child after playing in leaves and biting my nails. I was sick as a child, but rarely as an adolscent/adult. My brother has celiac disease and I have been checked via saliva and I think stool tests. No celiac, but gluten sensitivity. Could be the leaky gut issue. Nightsweat had been going on for approx 1 year prior. I chalked it up to my age (41), but looking back, that is too young. Hair started to turn drier approx 3 years ago – looking back at pictures. I was under a lot of stress around 2006 and again in 2009. Lots of stress. It kind of lingered on emotionally for a few years, until approx 1 1/2 years ago. Just some more history/info. I appreciate any helpful advice you have to share. What do you think about those supplements and questions on the liver detox drink? Am I going to ever get through this?