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ReneeVV wrote: I’ve been on a journey of ill health for more than seven years now. I’ve “learned” a lot of things from both mainstream and alternative health sources, have tried innumerable protocols, supplements, and spent untold thousands (more like tens of thousands) of dollars but am still suffering and searching. So, my questions are very pointed and not general.

I’ve had 1 Doctors Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis / Parasitology x3, 1 Doctors Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis (w/ no parasitology), and 1 Metametrix Gastrointestinal Function Profile. NONE of them were terribly remarkable, what little any of them did show was bacterial, and NONE of them showed any yeast at all. Some “people/groups” say to use these tests to find out if you have a yeast problem, whereas other “people/groups” say that stool tests are inconclusive because you can have yeast show up, but it’s not causing a problem, or you can have yeast NOT show up when it IS causing a problem. I saw one person on this forum say that a Candida Immune Complexes blood test is 99% accurate, but didn’t say where you get such a test and if you can order it for yourself. I spent hours reading info on about the Biamonte Method (which others have commented on as being extremely expensive, etc., etc.) and was interested in some specialized urine test kit he talks about as supposedly accurately showing whether you have a yeast problem or not and how bad it is or how much progress you are making at eradicating it, but of course you can only get the kit through him if you sign up for the whole protocol and phone consults, etc. I’m through trying to get/find a doctor or naturopath to order tests – I can’t keep running around to different people and can’t afford to do it. I want to order tests myself, find out what’s going on, and then treat myself if at all possible.) So, keeping all of the above in mind: Do I have a yeast problem or not? Can I get a test that will definitively tell me if I have a yeast problem? The only test I’ve found that I could get myself is Genova’s Candida Intensive Culture that one can order directly through Is that a good test or just another test that may be a false positive or negative?

Candida Immune Complexes in blood from Genova Lab. You can order it online. I am not sure who is going to extract the blood and how to send it to the lab. They probably give you special instructions.
This is the test you need. If this test is negative, you don’t have an intestinal fungal overgrowth. I can send you references of Yeast Metabolites in urine that may help, but why spend more money when you can get the Immune Complexes ??