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So you need some basic supplements. A good human derived probiotic (HMF neuro or forte), digestive enzymes or bitters (aids digestion), and a good long term antifungal (SF722). You also need detox supplements if you are going through die-off such as milk thistle, molybdenum, candidate, etc.

Then you will need some basic stuff to aid other problems such as nutritional/vitamin deficencies, stuff to reduce the inflammation, and perhaps even something to address your stomach acid levels. For instance, vitamin C is a very important vitamin to have on the diet. Fermented cod liver oil and flax are great for reducing inflammation and helping with brain fog.

Then there are a ton of other digestive aids out there that help heal your gut such as L-glutamine, okra pepsin, inulin, etc…I can go on and on about products. There is a whole health industry out there created for people with health problems and its just a matter of finding the right products for the right price. I spend about $300-400 per month myself but might not need to much longer.