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I won’t follow the McCombs plan, and less Dr. Humiston’s protocol. I am familiar with both. McCombs allows fruits because in “in vitro” medical research has demonstrated most candida species and strains don’t use fructose as a growing factor. The medical literature stays clear there are still some strains which can metabolize fructose. Moreover, those studies has been performed “in vitro” offering no real value “in vivo”. Since I have a long journey posting in Curezone where people come complaining about lack of results following the McCombs plan, I consider it a waste of time and money. I have read many stories and keep contact with some people who have followed it even more than 1 time without results. Regarding to Dr. Humiston, it is incredible that a MD advocates such as terrible protocol. First, the diet is worse than what McCombs instructs. He uses Dr. Bruce Semon’s diet that you can find easy if you buy one of his books. I don’t advice you to buy any of them since all are on my shelf and were opened only one time. This diet allowing potatoes, grains, honey, etc, will set you back many steps. Also, Dr.Humiston uses a “secret herbal formula” (he believes it is secret) that comes from the famous german herbalist Anna Kreober. There is nothing really effective to eliminate a fungal infection taking that. I have read ingredient by ingredient. It may explains why Dr. Humiston believes this infection can not be cured ( from his FAQ in his website ) No if you have taken antibiotics or have drank chlorinate water. Now, you can image the results he gets when people follow his treatment.

Keep away from that garbage.
Good Luck,

By the way, Mc Combs banned me from his personal forum around 3 years ago because I asked him some questions that he couldn’t respond clearly and compromised his business.