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Hi Mike,
welcome to the forum. Candida is very much connected to the mind. All the toxins playing havoc with your system affecting everything. And yes depression is very much a sign off a sugar withdrawal. Even if it feels like its you who is craving the sugar and experience deppression, its actually the caravings of the candida wanting its food.

I even suffered panic attacks. But I was sure all the time that it was coming out of my body and not first in my mind. I was depressed because I felt so bad in my body. Its was a chemical depression and not a problem of negative thinking.

I too believed that I was feeling so bad due to lack of sugar. But when I checked it there was no lack of sugar. Then I thought I had too low blood pressure but that too was not true either. What I had was die-off symptoms from the candida releasing its toxins into my body while dying. If you have alive and growing candida they will poison your body while they are dying. But once you have the infection under control and thrown out from your body you will feel great! Like a new born person full of energy and life.

It is very important that you have a clean start with your diet so you are not turning around in a circle and get frustrated.

You have to know about the die-off and the hardship in the first couple of weeks. But you must know that our diet here on the forum is working and the help you get here will get you through the time of darkness and despair. When I look back now I wonder why in the world I was not fighting that evil sickness earlier. Its rubbing your life energy and one even gets used to it.

Please study these pages careful, go on the forum diet and stick with it. I tried several different ways but only the one here on the forum from Able and Raster helped me.

all the best