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bandit3135 wrote: I did not do the detox on the first part of my Candida’s diet I just cut out the milk dairy sugars and carbs been on the diet know going on my fourth day, I want to have results because my mental capacity is struggling every day with the depression and anxiety a colon cleanse would be hard can not take the time off work and I have a physical job and very demanding so far as I stated above about what I have been doing so far lots of vegetables water and ground beef for protein is there anything I can do to help my process. The jock itch and athletes foot are not so much of my concern is the mental side affects of the candida the feeling of being slightly intoxicated all the time, the brain fog, mood swings, racing thoughts, anxiety, depression, and the panic attacks, dr confirmed the candida, trying my hardest at the candida diet and would like to make progress instead of going two steps forward and one step backwards any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Anxiety and depression seem to be getting a little less frequent.

Hi mate,
What kind of vegetables do you eat. You should only eat what is on our allowed food list. Ground beef protein is not the stuff you want in your body as it produces ammonium which is creating a candida friendly environment and giving your liver a hard time. Stick to the diet here. The main source of your protein should come from organic eggs, avocados, and the fish listed on the food allowed list. Later in the diet you can try organic chicken. Fish or chicken should be only twice a week, eggs you can eat every day.

If you dont want to go back and forth you really have to read the pages Able wrote down for us and you. There you can find everything you will need to have success.
What you experience is already a die-off. Read the die-off danger page.

I had anxiety and panic attacks and I know how you feel. I know its terrible but you have to know, the tighter you stick to the diet here on the forum the faster you get healed.

all the best to you