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I would consider making the things you crave less accessible. Are you popping a candy or sweet into your mouth without thinking about it just because it’s there? If so, keep things like that out of sight, so you don’t have the opportunity to just grab something in passing.

If you live with other people, kindly ask them to support you in your decision to make yourself healthy and well. Request that they don’t bring those foods into the house, and those foods will make you sick. They care about you, and wouldn’t want to see you ill.

Instead of beating yourself up after the fact, take a few seconds or minutes to think about the effects you will feel, compared to how much satisfaction that item of food will give you. Is one minute of satisfaction equal to several days of bad skin and feeling sick equal? You have to decide that. You have to think of it this way: Is my action worth the consequence.

You can also try to replace the craving with something else. Maybe you go out for a walk down the street, or put on your favourite song and belt out to lyrics until the craving subsides. Find a healthy alternative to popping that candy/chocolate/whatever into your mouth, and give yourself some time to process what it is you are about to do to yourself.

Hope that helps. Good luck in your journey, and be strong!!