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In my opinion it seems like you are only going the western medicine route for treating this, when western doctors have very little experience generally treating gut flora disorders. There are very few drugs designed and marketed to treat candida and the doctors don’t really make money off this when compared to other illnesses. This is why you are having trouble.

One of the problems with prescription antifungals from me and my naturopath’s standpoint is that it causes the candida to go deeper in the body. What happens if you walk by my house everyday and I run out and punch you? You will eventually go down a different street…this is what the candida does when treated with prescription antifungals, it goes elsewhere in the body and deeper.

I also think you are failing to look into the causes of this illness other than the medication you took. Do you have amalgam fillings? Have you ever taken antibiotics? Vaccines? All of these can cause/influence gut flora disorders and affect the body long term.

It sounds like the diet works for you which is great. If you want to save a bunch of money, time, and effort, I know a naturopath here in oregon that can treat you remotely and he has helped a few forum members as well. He uses homeopathics, vitamins, and minerals to help you get better. Each of us have our own symptoms so your treatment for candida should be different than other people’s.

Additionally, if you are thinking that a magic pill will heal you or IV, I think this is the wrong mindset to have. Think more long term than this; it takes a lot of time to heal the gut and reverse years of living unhealthy. You don’t want to “nuke” the candida but instead change the environment internally within the gut for it to live.

If you are eating items such as rice, potatoes, carrots, fruit, nuts, etc. all of these can set back your progress. We developed a forum diet that is a great way to go when starting out. Email able900 if you are interested.

You also haven’t tried SF722 undecenoic acid which is a great long term and safe antifungal for treating candida. This is a product I recommend over and over on the forum but it won’t cure your overgrowth by itself.