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Hi Rob
if you want to translate stuff. You only copy and past it into google translate and you get a good fair chance of understanding the page.

this is what I got from one section:

Contains 200 capsules.
1 capsule contains:

10-Undecylensyra (from castor oil) 50 mg

Other Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gelatin (tilapia) and Vegetable Glycerin.


Recommended daily dose is 5 capsules three times a day.

then when you want to check how much it cost you check with or one exchange in your country.

and in the exchange I got 31,86 GBP
That would be the price for the SF722 in GBP

You have to check through the probiota with the translator and see what you want . I recommend the Flora 50-14 (48,72 GBP ) that is if you have the money otherwise the Flora 20-14 (26,45 GBP )is great too.