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Rob Davies
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dvjorge wrote: Hi Rob,
I am also new to this forum , but I believe I can help you. These guys here have experience and a well thought diet (very important) Keep around of a well oriented group because that is something hard to find. I normally visit 4 forums and 2 yahoo groups, and trust me, there are many people totally lost. CRC is a serious syndrome that need smart decisions, good guidance, and discipline. Over anything, discipline !!
You have made mistakes, serious mistakes caused by the poor guidance, that don’t allow you to progress.
You can correct those mistakes and get the right track even when there are many things implicated that can be addressed during the treatment.

No everybody knows how to treat it, and to get results, sometimes, it is an odyssey but possible.!
Good Luck,

cheers Jorge – how are you progressing andwhen did you start