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I am going to go straight to what I believe you need to know. I think your case is a severe case since your history of taking antibiotics, the accidents, etc. Every candida case is unique because people respond in different ways, and almost always, hidden causes are present. Discipline and perseverance gonna be your main weapons. This take time, dedication, and sacrifice. This is the rule #1. There isn’t rush dealing with candida.
Stop asking, can eat it or that ?? Chose a well designed anticandida diet, and stick with it. Focus yourself in what you can eat and not about what you can not eat. Most of the food you want to experiment with them are out of the diet because you should not eat them. Save time and energy to do what you need to do. Every time you violate the diet, the fungus will recover to some extend no matter if you are taking a truck loaded with Fluconazol. Trust me, it is in this way. Don’t cheat if you don’t want to prolong your suffering. If you accomplish it, your road to recover will be shorter, if not, be prepared to suffer for longer.
There is a problem with current oral systemic antifungals (naturals and Rx). They are FUNGISTATIC. It means they don’t kill but inhibit the fungus growth. It is your immune system who need to finish the job when the tissues are infected. This is the reason because you can not cheat during the diet. Yeast are alive and multiply very fast with food until the immune system control it. In order to eradicate the infection, you need to reduce the fungal burden for enough time that allows the immunologic competence to wake up. Most of the time this syndrome is an acquired immune tolerance to Candida Albicans. Under the influence of various factors, candida succeed colonizing tissues, specially the intestinal tract. It cause symptoms in the infected organ and remote organs caused by toxic response to the yeast by-products and metabolites. We have a immunologic paralysis against candida albicans because its exposure and quantity has been critical to its establishment. What I mean is persistence of candida albicans in the tissues is what have caused the immune tolerance. These factors are the logical approach to therapy. The treatment must be designed to retard the rate of yeast proliferation and strengthen the immune system to its presence. It is thought that acting together, these measures interrupt the self perpetuating cycle of tissues invasion and tolerance induced antigenemia. This is the ultimate goal of the treatment.
In a few words, recovering your immune competence to candida albicans is the only way to cure this syndrome.
For this, you need to unload your immune system of anything that cause immune suppression, specifically, any offender that cause a chronic humoral immune response (Th2), and suppression of cell-mediated immunity (Th1)
Most of the time, candida sufferers have a chronic stuck Th2 immune response caused by candida MANNAN, ( a candida antigen that suppress Th1/Th17 immune response) and the presence of HEAVY METAL TOXICITY such as mercury.
This is the reason why some people have to follow a chelation protocol in order to have success eradicating the fungus.
If hidden immune suppressors such as mercury, lead or any serious immune defects aren’t present, a well elaborated anticandida treatment that include diet, antifungals, immune boosters, and immune shot therapies will result in the resolution of the acquired immune tolerance to the fungus and the return of your former health.

Now, it is your turn !!
Good Luck,