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Thank you, Thomas and Lucy; I really appreciate your input these days, much appreciated, so thanks again.

Rob, Thomas and Lucy were both right on track with their information. If you’ll just go by the allowed-foods list on the link that Thomas posted for you, you should be fine as far as the diet is concerned.

As far as millet, quinoa, and buckwheat are concerned, you would be much better off if you stick with only the buckwheat during the first month of our diet. Even though it has the word “wheat” in it, it really is not a wheat product at all but rather a flowering bearing plant.

Homemade kefir is one of the best whole-food supplements you can take. It’s a natural antifungal, plus it’s full of amino-acids which form antibodies to fight infections. Amino-acids also interfere with the colonization as well as the development of cells within the Candida walls. Kefir will also add tons of beneficial bacteria to the digestive system.

Body Ecology has an easy-to-make powdered kefir starter, this brand is sold by the site below which is located in the UK.

In addition to the antifungals you named, garlic is a good whole-food type of antifungal that you can use every day if your system can handle it. Alternate the antifungal supplements every two weeks, this will prevent the Candida from adapting to one.
As far as how to know if a specific antifungal is effective against your specific Candida infestation; this is why using one antifungal at a time, especially in the beginning, is important. If you receive any type of die-off from an antifungal, then it’s only common sense that it is killing some of the Candida, like I wrote, common sense. Taking it for at least two weeks will prevent the Candida from adapting. Antifungals such as GSE, oil of oregano, and even the Undecenoic Acid will not cure the infestation, but they will destroy enough of the Candida in the beginning to give some relief from the symptoms and allow a good head start on your treatment.

The improvement in your stools when eating yogurt means that you are replenishing the beneficial flora or bacteria in your intestines which is destroying the Candida.
Please do not do a colon cleanse as this not only washes out unwanted pathogens, but it will also remove the beneficial bacterial from the colon which is detrimental to your treatment.

Let us know if you have other concerns.