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Rob Davies wrote: ok guys can i eat buckwheat soda / pasta / cearal puffs?

check out our list here and you will know he food allowed on our diet here.

Its very easy to use. Everything if forbidden except the food on the list.

Do you find pasta or cereal puffs on the list? No, they are not because they will feed the Candida. Buckwheat is allowed.

The trouble with industry produced food is that you never know what is in them.

I found Buckwheat Corn flakes here and was happy to buy it until I saw that it is 70 percent Corn and 30 percent Buckwheat. They too had sugar in it.But the box gave the impression that its 100 percent organic Buckwheat.

If you find Buckwheat pasta, great, BUT check them first before you eat them otherwise you will never know why you feel bad.

I personally stick with our coconut bread.