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Hi Rob,

Welcome to the Forum – it’s best to wait for Able to log on in his US time zone and he’ll address most of your specific queries.

I just wanted to comment on the fact that you’re in the UK… I’m in Ireland and it can be hard to get some of the things the guys recommend. The SF722 & Molybdenum are the 2 most important things on the list and I couldn’t get either here and couldn’t order in. Also the stronger probiotics can be difficult to get. I got a friends husband in the states to buy a few bits and post them over and ordered a probiotic from Amazon UK (but not the best one unfortunately).

Kefir is like a drinking yoghurt and far higher in probiotics than your standard live yoghurt. A really good health food store should have it but it can be pricey (€2.90 per tub here) but then I found it in the Polish section of my local Tesco for €89 – result! Any Polish/ Eastern European shop will have a stock.

All the best with your recovery… and as I said, hold tough for Able to repond later.