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sandradavis wrote: Don’t join a diet plan. Eat healthy.

Plenty of veggies and lean proteins (fish, chicken, the occasional egg.)

No soda, no desserts or syrups. Nothing fried.

I would say stick mostly to fruit, yogurt OR hard-boiled egg, and nuts for breakfast, maybe occasionally a healthy, low calorie, low fat cereal with milk. Oatmeal is good as well, just be careful with the honey or sugar. I actually like to eat yogurt with some drained canned peaches and yogurt and maybe some nuts.

Lunch should be a salad (maybe w/ chicken for protein) and low cal, low fat dressing (Italian’s a nice tasting somewhat healthy choice) or lunch meat with lettuce, cheese, maybe tomato rolled into it.

Dinner should be lean meats with plenty of veggies (a side salad or steamed veggies–asparagus is a great choice) and maybe some plain rice (not cheesy or lots of added flavors.) Beans are a good side as well.

Snacks should be veggies and maybe one serving of fruit a day (in addition to your breakfast), cheese, nuts, or my favorite–edamame soy beans. Add a bit of salt and you’ve got a healthy, protein-filled snack that actually has the nutritional value of a vegetable.

And drink LOTS of water! This helps your body cleanse itself and often curbs hunger. A lot of times when you think you’re hungry you’re actually thirsty. At least 64 oz a day, I shoot for closer to 100 oz.

Hope I helped you!! 🙂

Hi sandradavis!

What are you talking about? This is totally nuts. Do you understand what happens if a person with candida infestation is doing what you are suggesting? Before you open your mouth trying to give advice to suffering people study your subject and don’t poison them with your advice.

Have you ever had candida infestation???
Fruits will feed the candida! Nuts contain very often mould and should be avoided if one doesnt want his candidiasis to explode. The sugar in milk will feed the candida population. there are tons of totally crazy suggestion in your mail and I would suggest that you hang a while here and learn before you open your mouth again.