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I’m finding this website very informative and thank everyone for this. I am recovering from M.E. (nearly recovered) and a friend suggested I might have candida so am trying the diet. I really miss bread and something to eat between meals – used to eat fruit and occasionally a biscuit. Can I eat Nairns oatcakes and ricecakes?

Which diet are you following, the one on the website or the one on the forum?

Forum Diet:

The description for the oatcakes you mentioned doesn’t do much in explaining the type of oats used. All it mentions is ‘wholegrain’ oats. The only type of oat-product on the allowed foods list is organic oat bran, and this is only because it acts as a prebiotic. I seriously doubt that an oat bran cake is a prebiotic. So, personally, I wouldn’t want to chance the oatcakes.

Rice cakes are definitely out, these will turn into sugar once inside your body and feed the Candida a nice sugar treat.

Check out the recipe section of the forum, specifically the coconut flour bread since you can safely eat this on the diet after two weeks.