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I don’t know how much I would trust the inflammation number from that website. According to that website coconut oil has a inflammation number of -1798:

There are many people that do coconut oil without it creating strong inflammation. Seems like more people would be complaining more about coconut oil if it was causing that much inflammation.

Mrs. Candida–Not all saturated fat is created equal. Studies have shown that the saturated fat from coconut oil should not cause heart disease. The saturated fat from coconut oil is much easier to digest than saturated fat from animals. There are many tribes+warriors that lived off of lean meat(that has saturated fat) that did not have heart disease. What to be more concerned about is over-fried vegetable oils and hydrogenated oils. These oils will cause much more issues than saturated fat. Although, some animal fats can be hard to digest for some people. The problem with a lot of commercialized meat is how sedentary the animals are and what they are being fed. These practices effect the quality/digestibility of their fat.

The problem with some coconut milk is the thickeners they put in them. There are only a few companies that have coconut milk without any thickeners. I think a few of them are on amazon but they are pricey. I’ve definitely heard of coconut milk or oil giving people loose stools or diarrhea. So for some they might be limited with their coconut oil/milk use.