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Quote: So far this morning I have had a glass of water and have taken two Garden of Life probiotics.

Reply: Please let me know the count of probiotics and number of strains, or, if you have a link to the one you’re taking, you can post it.

Quote: I keep thinking “I am out of balance and need to take probiotics to get better and balance out my system” but I’m guessing this isn’t the way?

Reply: Normally I would say wait until after the cleanse is over, but since you’re already taking this, I’d prefer to see exactly what it is before making a suggestion.

Quote: Should I have the lemon water after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner?

Reply: Between meals would be best.

Quote: I’ve been having eggs for breakfast for weeks now so I’m used to that. Should a steam any veggies I have with eggs instead of sautéed in the pan before cooking the eggs?

Reply: It really doesn’t matter how you eat the vegetables or eggs, but if you steam the vegetables, just lightly steam them which will allow the nutrients to remain in the vegetables.

Quote: I feel like I’m doing so much right and but it’s just not working and any little slip in my diet and I pay dearly.

Reply: Unfortunately that’s the case with anyone who is suffering from a bad infestation.

Quote: Sometimes in the morning I use my juicer and make green juice with kale, celery, cucumber, green apples half a lemon and ginger. Is this something I should continue or not?

Reply: Juicing vegetables is a great idea for the treatment, but leave out the apples for at least a month or two. Adding Granny Smith apples is something you have to decide at the proper time.

Quote: should I stop taking the nystatin?

Reply: This is up to you. I know that Nystatin is used by thousands of breastfeeding mothers, as well as for the baby (although a different formula). I would say that using it sparingly would be alright for the time being, and using it only if it makes the symptoms easier to handle.

Let me know if you have other concerns.