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Hi Wooky,

I wanted to tell you that weight gain was my main symptom when starting this diet.

I had my first child two years ago, and I must have been the only women who weighed more coming out of the hospital (not pregnant) then she did going in. I believe there was something with pregnancy and PH that really fed the candida. In the years following I couldn’t loose the weight no matter what I did, weight watchers, paleo diet, atkins diet, plus 2 doctor assisted diet plans. I started the forums protocol last May and didn’t really loose any weight until December then I lost 25 kg in less then 2 months. This happened without changing my diet at all. It’s the candida, I just needed to get to a point in my treatment where the weight/water had to go.

One thing that I believe has helped with loosing the weight is biotin. I take a fairly large dose 25MG a day ( I worked up to that, it cause me a lot of die off)

The diet was extremely hard for me in the beginning, following the strict forum diet and not loosing any weight was driving me insane. I started seeing a therapist just to talk about my weight. My point is, just don’t loose sight that your weight problem is a Candida symptom, and therefore it will be very hard for you to control.

Good Luck!