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Paleofan;57481 wrote: Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with candida albicans 2 months ago. But just tomorrow I will start a candida diet. I´ll eat a lot of eggs and some chicken meat and vegetables. But I would like to know if it´s ok to eat coconut milk? Because the coconut milk I bought has a lot of educolorants, additives and other things. It has xanthan gum and guar gum. I know I shouldn´t take it. But is not a diet free of sugar, grains, bad fats enough? I want also have some pleasure when I eat. I will explain. I don´t like very much the taste of chicken meat but if I had some coconut milk it will give me some pleasure and I will be more motivated to follow my diet. Some advices. Is really a big deal eat coconut milk with some additives in it?

Unsweetened coconut milk should be fine for most.
I was a bit hesitant about the guar gum but I tolerate it fine. And I’ve had about every digestive complaint you could name.

I’ve found some “light” coconut milks (Trader Joe’s) with ingredients just coconut & water but it doesn’t taste as good. Also it contains less of the good stuff since its the “2nd pressed”.

An alternative is also making your own but I’ve never tried myself.