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You can make any juices that are from vegetables on the strict diet – message Able for the list.

I just bought my cousin a blender from Target that was $19.99 (I know if you’re broke, that’s still a lot of money) so if you can scrape the pennies together, it’s actually pretty decent for the price. I just made a batch of Bieler broth (the recipe shayfo posted) and although I had to leave it running for about 5 minutes, it eventually pureed up into nearly the same consistency as my roommate’s $300+ Vitamix blender.

I REALLY recommend the Bieler broth! Just watch the coconut oil and garlic because they are antifungal (at least until she’s taken molybdenum amino acid chelate for awhile), but otherwise, that soup was invented by a doctor for folks convalescing from illness. It has many nutrients and is also just freaking delicious. I have some nearly every day.

Good luck to you both!! Welcome to the forum.