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pattie s.
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We really thank every one of you who has replied from the bottom of our heart. We DO have a blender, but thank you for all your tips about that. I made the soup yesterday, and she had it for supper, along with a little organic chicken. We started the Molybdenum day before yesterday, 2 doses, and 4 yesterday. She definitely seemed to improve. But this morning she is Very Bad again, very weak and extremely emotional (she wants to die). it’s hard to say how much her panic/anxiety syndrome plays into her despair. She’s on Zoloft and valium, the valium mainly to sleep, but she has decreased it pretty drastically recently as she feels her body is much more sensitive now. She went 12 hours between doses of Molybdenum (last night & today), and my son (we’re both writing ya’ll) thinks that’s maybe why she’s taken such a bad turn for the worse. We also started her on Triphala which we got as a constipation aid. Yesterday, she had only a meager bowel movement, and i’m wondering if that’s the main problem with her reversal. I read somewhere here she could take 2 tablespoons of olive oil followed by a cup of warm water 3x a day for constipation, so maybe we should be doing that??? Shes’ not strong enough yet to get into a tub of hot water to help detox that way. Though yesterday, she was able to walk and sit up a bit. Candidadie and Milk Thistle should be here by Tuesday.

Able 900 … the Biotin is 300 mcg. And i guess you noticed that in the new formula the B-12 amount was decreased from 900 mcg to 300, but we don’t have the new formula yet.

We do realize (and she does too) that this is a long process and we can’t expect miracles overnight. But she is feeling so bad now, that we continue to be alarmed and frightened. Thank you again for all the advice and help so far. Any other suggestions, of course, will be greatly appreciated. Ya’ll are a fantastic group of people!