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pattie s.;36888 wrote: She went 12 hours between doses of Molybdenum (last night & today), and my son (we’re both writing ya’ll) thinks that’s maybe why she’s taken such a bad turn for the worse.

I’m fairly certain that your son is correct. It’s extremely important that you keep the molybdenum in her body around the clock at this point, otherwise the toxins are going to be too strong for her weak body to deal with.

We also started her on Triphala which we got as a constipation aid. Yesterday, she had only a meager bowel movement, and i’m wondering if that’s the main problem with her reversal. I read somewhere here she could take 2 tablespoons of olive oil followed by a cup of warm water 3x a day for constipation, so maybe we should be doing that???

The olive oil and warm water would be fine; this can be addition to the Triphala. If all esle fails, she can take a mild laxative because she has to get the toxins out of her body.

We do realize (and she does too) that this is a long process and we can’t expect miracles overnight. But she is feeling so bad now, that we continue to be alarmed and frightened.

You should constantly remind her that your description above is simply part of the progress which a person goes through when treating a Candida infestation. First of all, once a person starts killing the Candida with the diet and supplements, they still have the Candida infestation to deal with, but at the same time they are adding the aldehyde toxins to the mix which makes them even sicker. This is why it’s so important to do everything possible to treat the toxins and lessen their effect on the body. It’s not unusual at all for a person with a bad infestation to end up in bed with the die-off symptoms if they are not treating them properly, and sometimes even if they are.
As you wrote in this post, “She definitely seemed to improve. But this morning she is Very Bad again.” You can expect this to continue for quite some time unfortunately, but it does not mean that the treatment is not working as long as she is staying with our protocol which I sent you in the private message. As long as she is doing this, her infestation and general health condition are both improving whether it appears so or not, and as Kag wrote, “It will get better” (and easier).