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I am writing for my sister who is so weak she can barely lift her head off the pillow. when she developed what we felt like were severe candida symptoms — thrush in mouth, bad rash under her breasts, and generally feeling terrible — someone at our local health food store told her to take Can-Sol (which she’s been on for a month and a half till a few days ago). she also takes Ultimate Flora and Spirulina. she’s changed her diet drastically, quit eating any meat or processed foods, eats yeast-free bread and free-range eggs. mistakenly, i now realize, she has been eating a sweet potato every night, along with a green vegetable (frozen). we are on a prety tight budget … disability and social security. she has panic/anxiety syndrome and has become so terribly emotional and weak in the last few weeks that she felt she had to stop the Can-Sol for now. she always has trouble with constipation and does various things to try to alleviate that, including mineral oil, saline enemas occasionally, and even commercial constipation products. i realize she needs to stop eating sweet potatoes.

Have her to stop taking the Can-sol completely as well as the Spirulina. She is suffering from the dying Candida’s aldehyde toxins which are making her sicker instead of better.

another problem is she has no teeth right now, as she had them removed for dentures but can’t wear her 1-year temporary set. so she can’t eat salads. she has gotten so weak, we are truly frightened.

You should be juicing vegetables for her to drink at least five times a day. She needs nutrition now more than she needs anything else.

we ordered Molybdenum and Nettle Tea as well as a natural constipation product after finding this site a few days ago. Reading everything here is so overwhelming. of course, her regular doctor doesn’t really know what to do. she took Ny-Statin for awhile, and he did prescribe something that has alleviated the thrush in her mouth, though now her lips are swelling (i don’t think there’s a connection there… didn’t happen at same time). she was so faint and nauseated a few days ago, she went to emergency room. but all they did was a blood test and said she was a little low in potassium. she takes extremely good multiple vitamins (which she orders) that have high amounts of all vitamins–6 pills in all.

I’d like to see the ingredients in the multiple vitamin if you don’t mind. You can send me the brand name and type if you will so that I can research it online.

she also takes fish oil. as i said, we feel overwhelmed by the plethora of information here, and are also somewhat limited by budget and her lack of teeth. and we are frightened, since she’s gotten so much worse in last week. she’s afraid she’s dieing. what do ya’ll think of Can-Sol? we don’t think she should start back on it now, as she is so terribly weak. can hardly get up. molybdenum should get here today.

Give her 250 mcg of Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate four times a day. If she received it this afternoon, give her at least 500 mcg before she goes to sleep tonight. Always spread the doses out over a day. Have her drink a lot of water, and at least three cups of the Nettle Leaf tea a day. If she begins to feel better and is able to, she would benefit from soaking in a hot tub of water for about 15 minutes. This will help to remove the toxins as well.

Please continue posting on the forum for her sake.