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pattie s.
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Kag and Orka —

thanks so much for your replies. the bone soup sounds wonderful, Orka, and hopefully we can get the ingredients before too long. Kag, i can tell you empathize with what Pattie (my name’s bobbi, actually!) is going through. as bad as the die-off is for everyone, no one but a fellow anxiety-depression victim can truly understand the depth the despair can get to. she is a bit better today, so we’re just taking one step at a time. trying to concentrate on alleviating the die-off toxins for now before we start again with anti-fungals. this is all so new it can get quite confusing. thank you SO much for your encouragement. we’re passing it directly to Pattie. prayer is what’s gotten her through so far, so we really appreciate your prayers and healing thoughts. it definitely helps to have ya’ll to come to when she’s feeling too frightened or overwhelmed. God bless !