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I think guys got a little confused about some problems. Plus, I have been feeling a little better by going dairy-free and gluten-free. I have been feeling better going to bed at night, but I still face the issue of how am I going to feel after lunch each day, but I am glad that I feel better going to bed each night. Prior to the new year, gas and bloated every, single night going to bed!!!!

For gas: I have considered trying a small dose of hcl again. I told my doctor about that before, and I felt it was too strong sometimes, burn in stomach; however, I am realizing that I might need to try again if I do eat some protein.

From Raster: I really hope you are not taking the artificial sweeteners anymore; if you want to look at one single cause of your anxiety, I would look at artificial sweeteners…
A: Absolutely not! I have touched an artificial sweetener all year!!! It has helped tremendously! If I want to use a sweetener, it is stevia. Plus, no hard candies anymore or gum anymore, since the beginning of the year. That is a big progress for me! I was addicted to that.

From Raster: I would not drink alcohol for a very long time, this is not beneficial to your health. I personally didn’t drink for over a year while on the diet and drinking damages your liver which you need for your health. The chocolate should not be eaten on the diet.
A: No, I have only had alcohol once since Jan. 3rd, 2 drinks one night because I went out to eat with some friends. A local restaurant closed, and we wanted to eat their one more time. I did follow food wise by picking out my salad very closely, and none of their dressing.

From Able: You’re eating a lot of foods that will prevent you from completely curing your infestation. Your questions are answered by our forum protocol, that is if you’re willing to follow it. And if you are, read the links below and let me know if you wish to have the strict diet that the forum members are using.
A: I want to try and get better; I guess it is just hard because I don’t want to starve myself either!

Raster, thanks for the response on some foods. I never realized that about almond milk before. I am buying the original almond breeze, unsweetened kind. I think it only has like 3 or 4 g of sugar.

Also, never realized about the rice cakes (funny how my doctor says that is good snack), I don’t eat them all the time, and I have watched my carb intake very closely since the beginning of the year because I notice if I eat too many carbs, I run into gi problems, and for brown rice, I try not to eat too much of it because I can tell if I do, and really is not everyday. Heck, I have even noticed that at breakfast; grew up always on cereal. I do not want that anymore or a bagel, not good stuff, rather have something more nutrition.

Plus, never realized about the pumpkin butter either!

Chocolate, I only ate like twice, unsweetened cocoa because I just tried to be creative.
Like I said, I have started to cook up a lot of different variations trying to listen to my body.

Chlorella: I started the molybedum, and then the other day; I should get it tomorrow, I am getting a trace mineral supplement that seemed good. It contains zinc, selenium, chromium, manganase, boron, and vandium. I remember my naturalpath does recomended antioxidants.

Q: This is why I asked about my problems also with magnesium and vitamin C, and other supplements to help with anxiety, etc.
My answer: I guess I have more reading to do! I just have been having brain fog lately, and feeling worn down.

Q: Anti-fungals? the paragone?

I am trying, and I do want to get better, and I already know that I don’t want to eat and feed candies, peanut butter, dairy, hard sugars all the time because I have felt better by doing that. I do want more greens; it is just hard sometimes.

A: Now I thought organic eggs were good, and I have been eating a lot of those, well, egg whites. Few other times for protein, turkey, tuna, or tipala mainly, that’s it!
For vegetables, I am trying for more greens.

I like the integrative doctor I met, but I guess I still haven’t gotten enough information. Plus, she had me on elimination diet. I was trying to react how I see to different things, and I have been moving slowly. I guess some of her recipes she gave me, and some of the foods you mention are different.

I am just trying to establish a regular bowel routinue for me, too without feeling better. Candida is a complex issue!!! Others, please chime in, too! It is hard, and my doctor is right about it taking a lot of time to heal.

Finally, I know I need to up probiotics, and I just still have a hard time. I know, you feel worse before you get better, but thanks again about the moly-big help!!

So sorry everyone, my anxiety has just been up lately!!