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– To answer your question, beef is on this site’s “ok list” because, other than the forum, the site is very much out of date.

One of the worst things about getting on the internet after learning about my problem was all the conflicting info about it all. Now I’m even more confused. Who to believe, what to follow … not happy about any of this.

Who else has experience with beef and organic butter being on the list but turning out to be a problem for them?

– What’s wrong with plain water?

I’ll be sticking with water & lemon 🙂

– The entire egg should be eaten for the extra proteins. Organic is best if you can get them as they contain no antibiotics or hormones.


re: BREADS – what kind if any can I get?
– Reply: Recipes are on the forum. http://www.thecandidadie…oconut-Flour-Bread.aspx

I have 3 bakeries around me, any that I can buy at all?